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This is my comic strip blog. I'll write about my life, stuff I like, stuff I hate, and sometimes just weird ideas I have to get out of my head. CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO ENLARGE. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Class, New Comics

My friend Bill Hauser and I are back at it, teaching comic books to kids and with it comes new work that I make in class as an example.
  Once again, this exercise is to do a 5 panel page, with a variety of angles: Close-up, silhouette, worm's eye, bird's eye, and a mid/establishing shot.
   Next time these two will remember to bring their guns to a duel...

Friday, June 20, 2014

Teaching Part 2

This was my attempt at a class exercise to draw a 5 panel page, each panel being a specific kind of shot. Birds eye view, worms eye view, mid level, silhouette, and a close-up. While I got each kind of angle, I clearly cannot count...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Teaching part 1

This week I have been co-teaching a comic book camp for kids with my friend Bill Hauser, who is the man responsible for me getting my first paying comic book job. We're having a good time, and the kids seem to be actually listening to us and having fun.
    I inked this little comic, as well as a piece by Bill, in front of the class as part of an inking demonstration. I used one of Bills brushes and his ink, and I now realize just how crappy my own materials are.